Jobs Growth Opportunity in Commercial Solar

Late in 2019, the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasted ‘breathtaking’ growth in commercial solar.  At that time,  PV Magazine even believed the IEA under-estimated the growth potential of commercial solar.

Energy industry observers note through the uncertainty of the 2020 pandemic, commercial solar continues to offer business cheaper energy.  Commercial solar can help businesses reduce their costs whilst economic pressures are high.

Innovative models in commercial and industrial (C&I) solar are helping businesses save on electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions.  Solpod enables more businesses to benefit from rooftop solar through its rentable, relocatable solar solution.

Whilst the domestic rooftop solar market has matured in Australia, C&I rooftop solar is only starting to realise its potential.  This means that at this current time of economic uncertainty, commercial solar can play a material role in boosting jobs recovery.

Innovation in technology, policy and finance is helping to unlock solar’s potential to be a key player in the renewable energy economy.  A project installing solar on schools was recently launched in Queensland.  The solar on schools program will see solar installed at 580 schools.

Reporting to PV Magazine about the project, Education Minister Grace Grace said: “Already almost 32,000 solar panels, pumping out 11 megawatts of power, have been installed providing significant gains to those schools that have received installations to date – with tens of thousands more to come.”

“It is also helping to support valuable jobs in the renewables industry across the state during this COVID-19 pandemic,” Ms Grace said.  PV Magazine reported that over the lifetime of this project, 550 jobs will be created.

Small-scale and large-scale solar contributed to 56% of Australian renewables jobs in 2019, according to the Clean Energy Council‘s recently released report.

The renewable energy sector currently employs 25,000 people, with this figure expected to almost double in 5 years, according to the Clean Energy Council.

Innovation is driving the growth in commercial solar.  Finding a solution to help more businesses access solar, was a key driver in the establishment of Solpod.  James Larratt, CEO of Solpod, reports that: “Despite being cheaper than the grid, most businesses choose not to adopt rooftop solar.”

Whilst rooftop solar may be cheaper than the grid, this assumes a 15-20 year operating period of the solar system.  This is too long a time frame for many customers to consider solar:

  • Businesses renting may have less than 5 years committed to the site.
  • Landlords are concerned that solar arrays would not be valued by a new tenant or when selling the property.

Solpod developed an innovative solar product that removed the barriers faced by businesses in adopting rooftop solar.  Solpod developed the world’s first redeployable rooftop solar system.  Being relocatable means Solpods are available through short-term leases. Businesses can save with Solpod’s solar products, with a commitment starting from only one year.

Solpods are 10 solar PV panels prefabricated into ‘pods’, that are efficient to install.  Solpod’s solar arrays do not penetrate the roof sheet when secured to the roof.  The Solpods remove with ease, available for redeployment at another site.  Solpods can be leased from one to five years, suitable for commercial landlords or tenants who have short property planning cycles.

Businesses can benefit from new innovations in solar that are now available.  Solpod’s solar solution, considered by many to be ‘game-changing’ for C&I solar, can help businesses reduce their power bills and meet sustainability goals.

Larratt says: “Australian businesses have been watching the progress of solar and readying themselves to benefit from cheaper, sustainable energy. We are now at that point.”

Solpod’s solar pods are prefabricated in a factory in Dandenong, Melbourne, an area well regarded for its local manufacturing.  Solpod’s solar mounting solution is fully Australian made and manufactured.


Commercial rooftops will lead renewables growth in the next five years

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