Large Commercial Buildings Ideal for Solar

Solar on Superstores

Solpod has been delivering solar to businesses around Australia, with our customers enjoying clean energy from our rapid-install solar pods.  A report generated by Environment America found that superstores, like super centres, supermarkets, shopping centres and big box retailers, are ideal buildings for rooftop solar.

Superstores have have large, flat and sunny roofs.  The use of this solar resource is largely untapped, with great potential for the generation of high levels of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy.

Solpod developed the world’s first redeployable solar systems, meaning that businesses can now lease rooftop solar with Solpod Rental.  Many commercial buildings are rented, making it difficult for businesses to access solar.  For the first time, Solpod is enabling businesses who lease their buildings to benefit from solar and save on their energy bills.

Image: Solpods being installed

Reducing Global Emissions Through Solar on Superstore Buildings

Research from the U.S. shows commercial buildings including superstores, have ideal conditions for solar PV.  Yet many of these buildings are yet to have rooftop solar systems installed.

In the United States, the average Walmart superstore has a rooftop the size of three football fields. Bryn Huxley-Reicher from Frontier Group, alongside Wade Wilson and Ben Sonnega from the Environment America Research & Policy Center prepared the 2022 research report for Environment America. They write about the average superstore size: “That amount of rooftop space could support enough solar energy to power nearly 200 homes.”

Environment America write: “There are over 100,000 superstores in the U.S., with almost 7.2 billion square feet of rooftop.”  Solar on the rooftops of these superstores could generate enough electricity to power 8 million U.S. homes.

Increasing the uptake of commercial rooftop solar would significantly reduce carbon emissions.  Environment America write: “Generating the full 84.4 TWh of clean solar power potential from America’s superstores would reduce global warming pollution by more than 52 million metric tons of CO2 annually – equivalent to taking over 11.3 million passenger vehicles off the road.” 

A Recent Solpod Installation: Woolworths, Wellington NSW

In 2021, Solpod installed solar on the Woolworths supermarket building in Wellington, NSW.  The Solpod solar array size is 100kW, with the installation only taking one day.

Solpods were oriented east-west on on the Woolworths building. An east-west orientation optimises energy generation throughout the day, and is ideal for flat roofs.

Images: Woolworths Wellington

Solpod’s solar pods suit large, flat rooftops like those on superstores, industrial sites and supermarkets.  Our pods are rapidly installed via cranes, with minimal disruption to our customers.

Solpods are fully Australian Made and manufactured in a warehouse in Dandenong, Melbourne.  Mr Larratt, CEO of Solpod, was recently quoted by Australian Made about the 100kw installation size: “Our most popular installation involves 21 pods (100kWp), which cuts carbon emissions to an equivalent of … planting 500 trees. Each time we install one we’re effectively putting a forest on an Australian factory rooftop.”

Solpod Solar Systems Ideal for Large, Flat Roofs

More businesses with large, flat roofs are now reducing their emissions through Solpod’s uniquely relocatable and rentable solar systems.  Solpod Roof is our redeployable rooftop solar system, offering businesses the flexibility to relocate or lease the solar pods.

Solpods have been installed on a range of buildings including government owned properties, supermarkets, shopping centres, breweries and office buildings.  Some examples include GPT’s Quad 1 site in Sydney Olympic Park and Google Australia’s Headquarters at GPT’s ‘Workplace 6’ building in Pyrmont, Sydney.  To see more examples of buildings where Solpods have been installed, go to Solpod has provided a flexibility to commercial solar that was previously unavailable, enabling more businesses access to solar:

  • Businesses who rent their buildings can now choose to lease a Solpod solar system.
  • Solpods are suited for food manufacturing warehouses and cool stores as our installation method does not penetrate the pre-insulated roof sheet.
  • Property owners who need future access to the roof are able to remove or relocate Solpod systems without disturbing the roof sheet or the solar pods.
  • Solpods are rapidly installed, minimising disruption to our customers.

Find out more about Solpod’s redeployable solar pods by emailing or call +03 9089 0753.