Solpod Installation at Colonial Brewery

Solpod are thrilled to have completed a 100kWp rooftop solar installation at Colonial Brewery in late 2020.  Our Solpod Roof product was used for this installation, and the solar array looks fantastic installed ‘flush’ on the Colonial Brewery building in Port Melbourne.

Watch the short video below that includes interviews with James Larratt, CEO of Solpod and Ash Hazell, the Head Brewer at Colonial Brewery:

James Larratt said in the opening remarks: “If there is one thing better than beer, it’s solar powered beer!”

Ash Hazell said of Solpod’s efficient installation:  “The pods that they build mean they can be installed in a single day which is really important to us because it won’t disrupt our production. Just in time for summer when we have a heap of sun and a heap of beer flowing!”

Each prefabricated Solpod consists of 10 solar pv panels, with a capacity of 4.15 kWp. The work of assembling Solpods happens in a factory, meaning less time is spent onsite during installation.  The solar pods are flat-packed onto trucks, and efficiently installed with a crane.

Larratt says: “Our point of difference is we install in a day, what normally takes weeks.  We can easily come and relocate it if they ever decide they want to move the brewery from Port Melbourne.”

We are proud to see our innovative and uniquely re-deployable Solpods being installed on local businesses.  The solar pods can be easily removed, ready for use elsewhere.  Our re-deployable Solpod Roof provides greater flexibility to Businesses to enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar.

Colonial Brewery is part of the momentum in the beer industry towards sustainability.  Many small and large breweries are benefiting from solar in reducing their electricity costs and lowering their carbon footprint.

To find out more about Solpod’s rapid install solar pods or other solar products on offer, please contact or call +03 9089 0753.