Install Solar To Beat Energy Price Hikes

Demand For Rooftop Solar Increasing

Demand for solar is increasing as Australia experiences a rapid hike in electricity prices.  The electricity price rise pain is expected to continue, with Treasury forecasting an electricity price increase of 56 per cent in the next two years.

Using clean, renewable solar PV energy not only helps to reduce emissions, but customers also save on their electricity bills.  Solpod’s relocatable and rentable rooftop solar solution is helping commercial renters save on their electricity bills.

The Federal forecasts by the end of 2022, the rise in the cost of electrciity is expected to be 20 per cent.

“Australia has the highest proportionate uptake of solar PV in the world, in part because of relatively high levels of sunshine but also because of high power prices”, wrote Peter Hanam in The Guardian.

Rhiana Whitson of ABC News reported: “A rush of home improvements during COVID and cheap money fuelled a record solar boom of 3,200MW in 2021.”

Solar PV Reduces Electricity Bills

Michael Bloch, writer of Solar Quotes, says: “While electricity price rises for most Australians have created hip pocket pain, the good news is solar power can buffer against these and future price hikes; which at this point are looking likely.”

A standard commercial sized 100kW Solpod rooftop solar PV system helps our customers save on energy bills at a time when businesses are incurring rising costs.

“We aim to deliver a third of your electricity at half the rate,” says James Larratt, CEO of Solpod.

Image: Rooftop Solar on Colonial Brewery, Installed by Solpod

Ms Whitson reported that the Clean Energy Regulator was expecting solar installations to accelerate, and that solar “installations had increased since August this year as energy prices rose.”

Commercial Rooftop Solar

Building owners and commercial renters can now both benefit from commercial rooftop solar PV leasing, through Solpod Rental.

Our solar pods are rapidly installed, with a 100kW Solpod system installed in less than one day.

Many businesses have yet to adopt solar and not capitalisie on their rooftops that are ideal conditions for a solar PV system.  A Solpod system does not penetrate the rooftop and is able to be removed and redeployed if circumstances change, without disturbing the panels or the roof sheet.

Solpods have been installed around Australia, including Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong, Melbourne (GPT);  Bentspoke Brewery in Braddon, Canberra; Colonial Brewery in Port Melbourne; and Workplace 6 Google Headquarters (GPT) in Pyrmont, Sydney.

This flexibility means that our solar pods can be rented for the life of a commercial property lease. Solpods are proudly Australian Made and manufactured.

Find out more about Solpod Rental and our redeployable solar pods by emailing or call +03 9089 0753.